Business promotion online: everything you need to know for a successful start

Service promo online: whatever you need to understand for a successful start

How do you imagine your company in 5-10 years?

Your site’s number of email addresses is growing exponentially, just like sales. And your rivals have long been left. Cool right?!

What now? Numerous small things take time. Online promo is disorderly: you attempt to chase new items without developing a solid foundation…

Do you want to achieve success in online promotion today? Carry out these 23 tested actions and become a leader in your niche.

1. Define your target market

Understanding your consumer is essential before you take any action. In order to achieve this, you have to figure out who is likely to be purchasing your product. I would like to suggest that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is he – a guy or a female?
  • How old is he/she?
  • Where does he/she work?
  • How much does he earn?
  • Do they have a household, kids?
  • What brand of vehicle does he drive?
  • Does he consume coffee in the morning, and where?
  • What do they prevent and make every effort for?

Continue with this list of questions. The more info you gather, the easier it will be in the future to bring in a visitor to your site and transform it into a buyer.

To compose a customer avatar and inspect its correctness, use three approaches:

Slam the developed portrait. For instance, a person with monthly earnings of $500 can not drive a Porsche, right? Correct any minutes where you wishful thinking.

Talk to several existing customers. Give them a perk for their answers. Believe over your good friends and associates if you start a company in a new niche. Did you find a match with the developed portrait? Ask a pal and make edits.

Study your competitors, specifically: in which socials media they start pages, what content they publish, how they interact with customers, whether they blog and what topics they write articles on, when, where and what kind of advertising they put.

2. Create social networks accounts

If you have carefully operated in the previous paragraph, you understand which social media networks you can “hook out” clients.

A little reminder: produce an account where most of your consumers are. I understand that you always wish to work in a social media network that is convenient and easy to understand for you. However, if you make an effort to determine another service, you will get more consumers.

Promote your page efficiently in 6 simple actions:

Consider a strategy

To do this, define:

Why are you promoting your service on social networks?

how you will do it: make a note of the strategy and specific actions;

What results do you want to attain?

Produce your style

Think about a picture that you will broadcast through social networks:

  • How the audience should see you;
  • What do you like to do when you relax;
  • Your interests, pastimes, hobbies;
  • What will you inform individuals who have just met you;
  • How you will write posts (” me” or “we”) and address subscribers (” you” or “you”);.

Reaction to comments, specifically negative ones.

The primary message and tone of your posts (business or friendly).

Develop a content strategy.

To begin, study the pages of rivals and pick the 15-20 most popular posts. Match them with other types that are interesting to your audience, for instance.

Photo or infographic;

  • Recommendations “How to do …”;
  • Quotes;
  • Vacation greetings;
  • Concern.
  • video;
  • Unique deal;
  • intriguing fact;
  • Behind the scenes of the business;
  • Testimonials or results from your clients.

I discussed them in more detail in the Facebook for Business article.

Thinking through the content strategy, make it versatile so that you can place a post with immediate info at any time.

Build a reputation as a specialist: share secret techniques with your followers and dilute them with entertaining material (only within your subject).

Check before launch.

  • Preparedness of posts for publication;
  • Adding your logo design to the image;
  • Choice of hashtags;
  • Knowledge of the schedule and order of publication by people who will publish posts;
  • Appropriate links.

Keep researching your followers.

Inspect the look of posts on the wall and the response of the first readers to them. Reply without delay to comments. Analyze the main statistics signs (area “Data” in the social network of your option).

Analyze your new subscribers. Do they match the avatar developed in point # 1? Do they respond the way you wanted at the initial planning stage? Modify material to bring in the ideal customer and get the wanted reaction.

Choose services for SMM promo that will become your dependable assistants.

3. Get whatever is prepared for email marketing.

1. Produce a mailbox like name@yoursite.

Firstly, it will add status, and customers will associate you with the brand. Mail services do not like mailings from totally free mail and often send them to spam.

2. Pick a mail service.

We recommend among the two options that I have checked.



Suitable for beginning and preserving a regular subscription. The primary benefit is the complimentary version that includes:

  • sending out 12,000 emails monthly;
  • 2.000 customers;
  • We are adding a link to the service at the end of the letter.
  • Of the minuses: if you want to produce a newsletter that concerns the subscriber after leaving the data on the landing, you need to buy the pro version for $20.

The service is readily available in English. Undoubtedly, that didn’t stop me at all.

If you wish to get comprehensive directions for working with MailChimp, put a “+” in the remarks.


If your objective is to draw in subscribers with a lead magnet on your landing page, this is what you need. There is a complimentary trial variation for one month, during which I advise you to evaluate everything well. For $15/mo. You’ll get:

  • The capability to send out an unrestricted number of letters to the database of 1000 addresses;
  • Responsive assistance;
  • 100% Russian variation;

You will be able to automate the creation of a series of letters with a number of flexible settings. If you are interested in this service and wish to receive in-depth instructions for dealing with it, compose the “:-RRB-” emoticon in the remarks.

3. Develop an email template.

Your letters should be easily identifiable. Include a banner at the top. Consider the number, type, and order of blocks. Develop numerous greetings and change them depending upon the context.

Take note of the signature:

  • Try out the first expression, desert the basic “Respectfully, …”;
  • Add a photo that will be connected with you;
  • Offer links to accounts in social media (at the same time promote your personal and company pages);
  • Include a description of why you send emails and an option to unsubscribe.

4. Prepare the first three letters of your newsletter:

  • ” Inclusion,” the purpose is to inspire and introduce self-confidence.
  • ” Participation” to spark interest in a particular topic.
  • ” Sentence,”
  • Oles informs more about these letters in the video.

A tip: Use the right headlines to help you improve your email marketing right from the start:

  • Headings “Why …” and “Why …”.
  • With numbers, benefits, evaluations, or questions.
  • Interesting: “Found the last words of Michael Jackson?”
  • Targeted: “A letter to those under 25.”
  • Personalized: “Is your number still +38 050 123 -45 -67?”
  • Lists: “18 essential books for entrepreneurs.”
  • Seasonal: “The entire truth about men on February 23 [for females].
  • Harmful: “You were deceived a lot …”
  • Deficiency headings: “The last 50 tickets.”

4. Set up Google Analytics and/or Yandex.Metrika.

These are your eyes and ears online. Establishing these services will assist you in tracking the effectiveness of your actions, much better evaluating the target market, and supplying the content and deal that will be popular.

5. Start a corporate blog site.

Attract new customers with the help of a method that is gaining appeal – material marketing. Share information that you have deduced due to a lot of trial and error. Readers enjoy unique content.

Due to this, you will prove your knowledge and status. Agree; not every entrepreneur can provide 15,000 characters of helpful content each week. You are already one action ahead of the competitors if you do this. And readers become more faithful. They see that you are “in the know,” – which suggests that you can purchase a paid item.

Before releasing an article, check if it fulfills the following criteria:

Include social media widgets to your website to get additional promotions every time visitors click on the “like” buttons or write a comment.

Important: Pick a subject that is guaranteed to appeal to your audience. Do not compose just about what interests you. Since the primary goal is to bring in clients.

6. Use the webmaster tools Google Web designer and/or Yandex.Webmaster.

By signing up for these services, you will be able to track the performance of the website in the search, along with:

  • Discover the errors that the search robot discovered when indexing the website, and quickly correct them;
  • Established keywords for which site pages will be shown to users;
  • Get a list of the most popular pages your clients search for and quote on them to drive more traffic.

7. Define keywords.

Utilize this step-by-step algorithm to get the best keywords on Google and drive natural traffic:

  • Select the topics for which you want to get to the top of the search results page;
  • Recognize popular keywords and phrases that your target audience is utilizing– usually, it’s “like [your clients’ issue]. If you can’t think about anything, then;
  • ask your staff members what problems clients come to them with;
  • take a sheet of paper, a pen, close yourself in the office so that nobody distracts you, and start writing without stopping whatever that enters your mind about the purchaser;
  • start typing a sentence in the search bar and see what ending Google or Yandex will provide you;

Type the chosen key phrase into the search, go to the bottom of the page and study the queries related to yours.

Add more specifics to your keyword in the form of qualifying words to “capture” your target customers.

Reduce the list. Go to the Google AdWords Keyword Coordinator and add your picked expressions. Eliminate those with too many or too few search terms.

8. Post articles with memorable titles.

Make it harder for yourself and start making headings more fascinating. Thanks to this, you will increase the variety of views of your articles.

Find out how to develop an explosive headline in one minute in this video.

9. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines with SEO.

You can triple your profits without magic and dancing with a tambourine with these basic steps.

Write posts of 7,000-8,000 characters and include 4-7 keywords. Be sure to water down the text with photos and infographics.

Add secrets to the names of all the images you upload in Latin with hyphens instead of spaces. Repeat the same name in Cyrillic in the ALT line after submitting the image to the website.

How to include a picture.

Use lists and subheadings to make the article simple to read and skim through for spiders — highlight essential points in vibrant or italics.

Make sure to write the Title and Description tags for the page because they are displayed in the search engine result of Google or Yandex.

If you have never heard of SEO), learn more about enhancing your blog for search engines (even.

Watch the video to discover how to write posts that will be ensured to get to the TOP of search results:

10. Develop an email series.

Consider emails for various sectors of your subscription base or multiple occasions.

You can implement these three email projects to assist you to explode your sales:

For clients who practically completed the conversion, but for some factor left. Your job is to close possible objections and explain the advantages in more detail.

To preserve the interest of regular customers. When it is constantly much easier to offer an item to someone who has bought it, advise yourself of such subscribers, and make a tempting offer after a couple of letters.

To praise customers on a purchase or a vacation. Well, don’t forget to include a unique reward that will be difficult to miss.

11. Establish reports in Google Analytics.

Make changes based on the gotten data to increase traffic. What you can do with Google Analytics Reports:

Get to know your visitor.

Audience – Location – Location. Research study where your consumers live so you can write about what they relate and comprehend. See where you can arrange outdoor occasions. Prepare answers to concerns about payment depending upon the country of the house of visitors.

Audience – Mobile Devices – Overview. Discover how traffic is dispersed and how many visitors originate from mobile phones. Inspect the number of bounces on various gizmos. If the sign goes off the scale – look for the factor. Perhaps your site does not display well on a smart device screen. Click on the link to check it out.

Audience – Habits – New and returning. View info on various sessions, bounce rates, browsing depth (page/session), typical session period. This will help you understand how visitors act on your site and whether they have an interest in the material you publish.

Comprehend the primary sources of traffic.

Traffic sources – All traffic – Source/ channel – will reveal where the most visitors originate. Evaluate bounce rate, pages per session, and average session duration. Pay special attention to:

  • Organic search – shows how Google likes your material;
  • Transitions from social media networks – display screens whether customers like your product;
  • Direct links – whether your posts are shared by other blog writers, media, sites, and entrepreneurs.

Traffic source – select any reference (for instance, social media network) and the primary parameter (for instance, Login page). Here you will see the number of visitors each page brought.

Identify if your content resembles by visitors.

Behavior – Site Content – All Pages. Arrange the information by the Typical Duration column. Take the posts that appear in the first lines as a design and examine them again. Attempt to comprehend what attracts readers to them. Reword those at the end of the list based on brand-new understanding – it’s much easier than producing a new post.

Behavior – Site Content – Exit Pages. Arrange the data by the “Portion of exits” column. The value is within the typical variety – 45-50%. Review the page, look for the cause, and eliminate it.

12. When Your Followers Are Online, Post.

Due to the change in the news circulation algorithm, today, your primary competitive advantage in social media is to get the maximum number of views, likes, and comments in the very first hours after publication. How to do it? Post when your followers are online. To do this, study the data.


Section “Statistics – Publications – When fans are online.”

When are the fans online?


Create a Facebook organization page. Return to Instagram, go to “Settings,” and choose “Switch to Company Profile.” Click the “Continue” button go into the username and password of your Facebook account. Then connect the created company page.

How to link data to Instagram.

To find out the best day and hour for publishing, click the statistics button and discover the corresponding schedule.

13. Gather an email database and segment it.

First, develop a lead magnet. If it appears to you that this is long and tough, I accelerate to please you. You will require 60 minutes to build an offer. And this is what you get as output:

Guide or report. The main point is to select a pertinent topic to present it intriguingly and concisely.

A cheat sheet or list. This is usually one page that deals with a bit of a problem.

Educational video course. Video is much easier to perceive. It is more visual and does not require much time to develop.

Discount or free shipping. Clients enjoy these words: utilize them to get brand-new email addresses.

Lead magnet: catalog with prices.

Now let’s move on to producing the landing page. You can entrust this work to experts or do whatever yourself. See the video where Alexander Ryabikin will tell you how to develop a selling page from scratch.

By the way, to produce a landing page similar to Alexander’s, use PlatformaLP_ru.

When segmenting, use the following choices:

  • floor;
  • age;
  • Town.

The landing page where the customer left the information.

By creating a newsletter based on among these requirements, you will have the ability to articulate your deal more plainly and hit the target.

Each social network has its secrets and tricks for launching successful advertising campaigns, so before proceeding, take a look at these short articles (and don’t forget to come back here – I have many more valuable points in store for you):.

15. Write quality material.

Your task is to collect the optimum variety of backlinks. To do this, begin publishing hardcore material:

Revitalize the portrait of your target audience.

Select among the keywords that you recognized in paragraph # 7.

Examine the appeal of a style with BuzzSumo. Type it into the search bar. Conserve links to short articles with reposts of 500 or more for English-language websites and 70 or more for Russian-language websites.

Type your request into the Google or Yandex search box. Select the first 10-20 articles, omitting Wikipedia and associated pages. Inspect them for backlink counts with Ahrefs or SEO Spyglass. Conserve the posts with the most backlinks.

Research study the pages chosen in the previous two paragraphs and complete the table:

  • Table for research.
  • Compose a short article:
  • Increase the variety of points;
  • Compose an essay with a length of 15,000 characters;
  • Turn it into a step-by-step algorithm.

16. Promote your material in a social media group.

Post links to posts on your social networks pages to drive more traffic to your website. Do not forget to include a catchy announcement and a photo to make your post stand out in the news feed.

Promotion of material in social media.

17. Recognize underperforming pages on your website.

It’s time to shed the ballast or strengthen positions. The choice is up to you. Keep in mind, in point # 11, and you discovered the pages with the most remarkable bounce rate. If you didn’t have time to do anything with them, now is the time to go back to the report and get serious about it.

Review them with a crucial eye. Determine what can be enhanced. Include internal links to keep visitors walking around the website. Post a lead magnet and track the number of individuals who leave their address before leaving. Or just delete the pages.

18. A/B Test Your Landing Page.

Follow these guidelines for reliable A/B screening:

Keep finding out about your client: the more you learn about him, the simpler it will be to change the page to increase conversions.

Find point A. Drive traffic to an existing page and measure its conversion. Now set a point B – for example, increase the indicator by 10%.

Improve the page based on your clients’ dreams (the ones you determined in point # 1) and not based on “template” ideas.

Conduct a research study for a minimum of 7 days and amongst 1000 individuals. Decide only if one option considerably surpasses the other. A gap of 5% indicates that the test is not over yet.

Determine just what you think about a conversion: clicking on the “Buy” button or spending for an item? Pay attention to how visitors behave on the page: they view videos, read reviews, instantly purchase a product, or leave information.

19. A/B Test Your Email Projects.

You can substantially increase the conversion of your emails if you inspect the following parameters:

Time, frequency of sending, and variety of letters in the welcome series.

Seriousness. Send out several emails with various limiting offers. Set period: 12-48 hours. Select a control group that will get a routine email. Check out alternatives from a minimum of 100 shifts.

Customization and segmentation. Use the name, date of birth, company name, landing page from which subscribers came. And send out various emails depending upon the requirements.

Please offer feedback. When and what to ask by including concern to the subject or body of the email, test.

Shipment of unforeseen worth. Offer gifts. They tend to press individuals to repay you in kind. And the possibility of buying boosts.

Registration. Determine which emails are best to send out: accessible text or a gorgeous ad. We are writing a routine letter, practically without images, since it appears like a message from a good friend. And the mail service seldom sends such mailings to spam.

Possibility to return the customer. Try to interest the subscriber a lot more to become a purchaser. Give free. Ask him what else he has an interest in. Offer a gift for the answer and after that a paid deal.

20. Answer concerns and remarks.

Among the deadly sins of an online business is to ignore your followers. Keep in mind the comments to which you need to always promptly respond:

Concerns about the product: attributes, cost, shipment. Even if all this is suggested in your group, replicate the information to the customer again or offer a link to the publication.

Negative comments. Close any criticism or discontentment with positive solutions or with the help of humor.

Questions on the subject. Help your customers comprehend the issues that are difficult for them. They will be grateful. And delighted readers are an essential asset.

Feedback-thank you.

21. Collect user feedback.

Usage reviews to increase conversions. No matter how wonderfully the seller described his item, I always check out just evaluations. And I don’t buy if they are not there or I don’t like the purchasers’ viewpoint about the item.

Develop a topic on social media or a separate post after the webinar (as we do). You welcome clients to express their opinions:

Utilize the received evaluations on landing pages (yes, you do not need to invent anything, especially since your consumers will immediately feel incorrect) and on the website. For example, we have a whole section where we release reviews:

Reviews on the site.

Enhance your item or site design thanks to feedback from visitors.

Promote your evaluation promo on social networks utilizing your hashtag.

22. Produce an infographic.

Readers like infographics and repost them on their page or bookmark them. And this, in turn, helps to attract constant traffic. Infographics are memorable, essential, and helpful if done right.

Stay with these viral infographic tricks, and your posts will always be popular:

Discover a balance between text and picture. Include a minimum of words – just squeezes, numbers, lists, solutions.

Leave space in between text and graphics – do not clutter whatever up.

Make the infographic simple to check out– it ought to be noticeable on your page– preferably without additional zooming and scrolling. If the infographic does not fit on one screen, don’t leave info at the top that you may need below, such as a table title.

Provide value with infographics, do not just dilute material.

Add your logo; however, do not make it too flashy.

When producing it, be creative.

List the sources of info you utilized.

23. Run a viral contest.

Do you enjoy receiving presents? Just like your fans. Run a raffle in your group. The primary condition for involvement:

  • Subscription to the page;
  • Repost of the record.
  • Deal an essential presence in exchange, and preferably several. For instance, at the end of the year, we raffled off one ticket to the Online Company Lab and four access to business Academy:

We are carrying out the competition in social networks.

Start writing material for other reliable publications.

Improve your expert status and drive more traffic to your website. Discover authoritative publications in your specific niche and publish a few posts before submitting your product, research study other publications and attempt to ensure that your content fits well there.

And do not forget to add links to released short articles to your site. Your regular customers must learn about your achievements.