Flokzu: process management automation made simple

What is a business process?

An organization procedure is a sequence of activities in your business to accomplish its objectives. Generally, a company procedure includes several individuals who contribute to a specific task. So, to respond to “What is BPM?”, first of all, it is required to comprehend what an organization’s procedure is.

Let’s analyze a real-life example – Flokzu process management automation. Firstly your business receives a quote request through email, telephone, website, or call center. Similarly, your salespersons might get recommendations. In any case, after receiving the request, it is appointed to the sales group. A salesman communicates with consumers to comprehend their requirements and build a quotation for them. There are standard propositions, which go straight to the customer through the mail. And there are complicated proposals that need extra approval from business supervisors. Let’s state that the customer can just do three things: buy, reject the proposition, or request adjustments. Finally, if they believe, the procedure continues through the seller to coordinate shipment.

What is Service Process Automation?

Company Process automation is applying innovation to officially model, carry out, determine and improve the procedures that support the operation of our organization. These tasks are part of business Process Management (BPM) in plain English: when asked what process automation is? It implies replacing the manual distribution and execution of jobs with a specialized software application that does it instantly, making them more efficient, measurable, and foreseeable.

Process Automation is an essential asset to achieve digital improvement. They are utilized to increase service quality, enhance service shipment and decrease expenses.

For example, a manual sales procedure would be getting leads and registering them in an Excel spreadsheet. Salespersons send the quote via email, the most recent version, and the following variation. He may follow up two or three times if you are lucky. There is no way to figure out how many quotations are still in circulation, nor which is the last variation.” There is no way to figure out how effective your sales team is at closing sales.

Since they deal with all these concerns, Workflow and Service Process Automation are trending subjects for competitiveness and efficiency.

What is Flokzu?

Flokzu is a cloud app to specify and automate organization procedures and workflows between people who carry out various tasks in a company or group. It lets you have in simply one place every file, e-form, or file, explore them, manage pending jobs, define alerts, and integrate with other systems, getting rid of the need for endless emails and intricate spreadsheets.

About Flokzu

Flokzu is a workflow automation service that helps users handle routine procedures. The option enables users to specify processes, create customized workflows and manage service level arrangements (SLAs). Users can define fields with a kind home builder, welcome team members to participate in projects, and assign jobs. Flokzu offers a single location where users can view assignments, job information, and attachments. Team members have automatically appointed another job after their first task is finished. Flokzu presents a dashboard that displays the number of jobs launched, completed assignments, and which ones are still pending. The dashboard lets users understand the time taken by employees to complete a job and likewise flags those lengthy jobs. Flokzu likewise supplies procedure templates for bug and issue reporting. Users can set concerns, demand extra details, and set resolution timelines. Prices are per user monthly.

Flokzu History

The FLOKZU platform was developed in 2015 by an enterprise-focused BPM company with more than 18 years of experience. A group of experts behind Flokzu provided solutions for governments and corporations in over ten continents.

Based on these experiences, we believe the market needs a powerful Cloud service that is easy-to-use and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Flokzu’s team wished to equalize the innovation behind process automation. Making a powerful tool to run complex organization procedures and be easy to use and show results in hours was the challenge.

In January 2016, Flokzu resided at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, and the beta version was released. Today, Flokzu is ranked in the top 3 Cloud BPM services globally. Flokzu has more than 10,000 organizations signed up for our service. Flokzu has partners and clients on every continent. And it is simply the beginning.

” Flokzu is a group of people who pertain to the workplace every day and are encouraged to make the best procedure automation tool worldwide. Flokzu enjoys working here. Flokzu gives our best to develop a tool that utilizes cutting-edge technology that releases valuable functions for our customers. Most of all, Flokzu does everything is possible to make each client the happiest client of the world.”

Flokzu Functions

  • Functions are displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Gain access to Controls/Permissions
  • Activity Control panel
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Approval Process Control
  • Service Process Automation
  • Service Process Control
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Compliance Tracking
  • File Management
  • Drag & Drop
  • Forms Management
  • Graphical Workflow Editor
  • Mobile Access
  • No-Code

Process Modeling & Designing

Personalize the kind

Define the type that needs to be completed at each action of the process with a fantastic Kind Builder. Several field types and presence alternatives can be combined to satisfy every possible requirement: default values, auto-populated content, scripts, and functions to save valuable time and prevent errors. Organize your fields using a grid design and areas. A well-designed type is essential to achieve a versatile and instinctive cloud workflow.

Flokzu is integrating a saas workflow with other systems.

Offered SaaS BPM Suites generally can not access a company’s internal systems; they provide basic integration procedures and tools.

For example, Flokzu supports Web Solutions Webhooks to interchange information between systems at a technical level. And it also supports Zapier to interact with other web applications at a non-technical level.

Measure and Analyze.

Statistics are typed in your cloud BPM effort. They will show you how your procedures are doing: What jobs are currently postponed? Which users/roles have more jobs assigned? Historical information will help you make better choices: the number of processes released, the number of were finished, and which tasks are more lengthy. Customized Reports let you focus on what matters the most to you and your group. Share them with whomever you desire or arrange to send out via email (e.g., weekly), increasing your cloud workflow efficiency.

What advantages will I obtain?

It would be difficult to note all the benefits of automating the organization and formalizing’s organization processes. Based on more than 12,000 organizations subscribed to Flokzu (April 2021), we see the most repeated benefits.

Enhance results cost decrease higher production.

Automation of repetitive jobs and higher employee performance is the natural result of the automation of repetitive jobs.

Cloud BPM Tools Contrast for Managers.

This cloud BPM tools contrast is meant for supervisors (Business, IT, HR, and so on) that are examining choices for their organization process automation efforts.

Organization Process Management Suite (BPM & Workflow) is not a simple task. The very first decision to make is in between cloud-based vs. on-premise tools. On-premise methods are set up on your servers. On the other hand, the Cloud implies utilizing the software application as a service over the Internet. In this post, Flokzu will focus on the latter. Flokzu will offer applicable requirements for C-Levels and managers to make appropriate cloud BPM tools contrast. Flokzu will leave aside the complete differences of performances and features (like this example), which bring little to the decision-maker.

For a sufficient cloud BPM tools contrast, Flokzu will focus on four fundamental measurements for the manager:

Reduce adoption of the tool in the company.

Benefit, from the economic perspective and its cost/benefit ratio.

Dexterity to respond to modifications, show results and accompany organization needs.

Protection, to have the peace of mind that the requirements that develop tomorrow will be thought about.

Flokzu will pass each of these requirements through the four market-leading BPM tools in the Cloud. They are of excellent quality but have very different rates: Kissflow, Process Maker, Nintex, and Flokzu.

First off, the ease of adoption of the BPM solution should be the most crucial criterion for the cloud BPM tools comparison. Like almost all enterprise-class efforts, BPM initiatives have high rates of resistance amongst users. Because they change the way people work, this takes place. And that resistance leads to high levels of failure. According to this Forbes study, the same is true for most Digital Improvement initiatives, when they are not seen as a gradual modification but as an end in themselves. Neglecting this truth of reality is a hazardous error. The worst effect is that users cannot “get on the wave” of process management.

Having an easy-to-use interface, outstanding support, and the ability to update and improve processes quickly are key to ensuring consistent and fast adoption.

A modern interface with modern components. 

Technical support works; however, it was not as fast and reliable as expected. Improvements and changes are made very rapidly. The item, a non-code BPM, enables you to configure and modify procedures quickly. The weakest point is its minimal functionality for configuring processes. This prevents a few of the standard requirements of workflow users from being fulfilled and can result in rejection.

Comprehensive functional set that enables us to fulfill various user requirements. The user interface is old, based on each component’s tabular paradigm with rows. Technical support is not included in the open-source variation however is readily available for paid strategies (more than USD 500 per month). Modifications and enhancements can not be introduced extremely rapidly because the item is developer-oriented (unlike non-code BPM or low-code BPM)

Best hints suggestions about process management automation made simple.

Hint 1— Know what you have to do and what to do.

It appears apparent, but it’s not. Often, people don’t understand what to do next or what is more vital to be done initially. Workflow Automation typically supplies each user’s “Inbox” or “Pending Tasks” list. In this list, the employee can see all the jobs that have actually been appointed to him, their concern, and some appropriate information about them. In sum, as soon as a job is done, it is possible to immediately jump into the next concern task without delay, increasing personal efficiency and, therefore, your whole team productivity through workflow automation.

For example, you have a sales group to follow up on several industrial chances. Are you sure they are following up on all of them? In which order? Perhaps they are initially calling the less attractive because they know somebody there, and it is a more straightforward call.

Hint 2: Pass the jobs to the next person rapidly.

As soon as a job is done, the task (likewise called procedure instance) often sleeps for a while before it is passed to the following individual to perform the next job. When you automate the workflow, the process engine moves automatically and right away the procedure circumstances to the following individual(s) and puts it in their Inbox (or Pending Task list). From there, check out Tip 1 Example: you have a purchase demand procedure. Someone else ought to ask for quotes from suppliers as soon as you have revised and approved the request. How do you let them know that everything is set to ask for quotations? Do you send out an email? You are wasting time and retyping info. Do you call them? When they don’t respond to your email, you waste time and sleep on your task. Additionally, if you click “Approve” and the process is moved to the “Demand Quotes” phase, your information will be thrown into their Inbox, increasing productivity.

Hint 3: Let business circulate without you.

When people require to ask, “what have I got to make with this?” or “Whom should Flokzu send this?” to finish their jobs, it indicates the business depends upon you. It is the leading cause of inadequacy a minimum of. More crucial, it makes you a slave of your work. You require formalizing the workflows to define what needs to be done, by whom, and what follows in a system. Drawing your workflow diagram using BPMN will help you. The BPM Suite will automatically designate tasks according to this system (without asking). When finished, it will appoint another job to the next person in the circulation without your intervention.

For example, you have a loan approval workflow. When the loan candidate is more youthful than 30, and the quantity is more significant than $100.000, you must get a second approval from … Ok, you understood. You have lots of these guidelines. Take them out of your head and formalize them in service rules through your workflow. When someone requests a loan, the approval workflow runs without asking you at every action, increasing the whole group productivity through workflow automation.

Hint 4: Recognize and eliminate traffic jams.

Many procedures have traffic jams: stages where work circulation takes more time than what’s truly needed. The problem is to discover where they are. “The process is sluggish” or “It takes too long to complete” are simply signs. You need to dive into your process to make a diagnosis: identify where the bottleneck is. Once it is done, you can solve it. But to discover the backup, you will need BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) for real-time analysis and BI (Company Intelligence) for historical research. These features will show you information about the running procedure circumstances how long they have been waiting in each workflow stage. A report will show historical information such as “usually this stage takes X hours to complete” or “in general user Y completes Z tasks daily.”

Example: Your consumers grumble that the “IT Assistance” is slow. Ok, you have your process automated. When you look at the KPI (Key Performance Sign), you discover that the “Average time to complete the process” is ten days. Bad thing. But you dive into this KPI and find that these ten days is the amount of.

  • ” Analyzing the Concern,” 1 day on average.
  • ” Fixing the Problem,” 2 days usually.
  • ” Getting customer acceptance, seven days.”

Is the problem with your IT staff? Undoubtedly not! This is just an example that will likely never occur; however, you got the idea. Finding where your traffic jam truly is, enables you to fix this concern and increase your organization’s performance through workflow automation.

Think of how unproductive and inefficient the procedure of setting up new workflows is if you do it repeatedly instead of doing it when and for good. Why not automate? Intelligent marketing automation tools like Aritic allow you to create workflows based upon your user segments. You can produce these segments based upon custom-made sets off.

Hint 5 – Direct access to reports to make decisions.

It has no sense to develop your reports each time you require a decision. You will lose your time constructing the very same report as the previous month. It appears apparent, but most of the time, we build the words and combine details each time we need to decide. And even worse, we often don’t have the time to do it, so Flokzu decides with no analysis, simply using instinct. Reports need to show pertinent info about your procedures to make decisions. They should be accessible rapidly and efficiently. They need to be sent out periodically to whoever requires them.

Example: If you require to see all your commercial leads, grouped by salesperson and bought by quantity, you need a basic report to reveal it. You can’t invest your time asking for information, checking emails, thinking … Just click the report link, and read it. This will decrease the time to gather the information you need to increase efficiency through workflow automation as a decision-maker.

Prepared to use: See how Customized Reports works in our Knowledge Base.

Hint 6: Centralize your details and files.

Among the worst methods to squander your time is to look for files and files in your mail, your PC’s file system, your notepad, WhatsApp, etc. You should centralize pertinent info in one location, with an effective full-text online search engine to obtain it right away. A Company Process Management Suite (BPMS) with Understanding Management capabilities will provide these tools firmly incorporated into your business procedures. File management functions will enable you to determine the different variations of any document rapidly and precisely.

Example: You need to send a proposition to a customer compared to the one you sent out three months earlier. You begin searching for the previous one in the mail. Then you find it, but it is in PDF format, so you can’t modify it. You can’t find it on your PC’s … remember you changed the computer last month. You have lost several hours until you lastly discover it … however, you do not even know if it’s the current version. If you had that document in a central repository as an accessory of the business chance procedure circumstances, you would have recuperated it in seconds. You would have been much more productive.

All set to use: See how the Full-Text Search operates in our Knowledge Base.

Hint 7: Avoid retyping between applications.

Not just does it take time, but it is also very prone to errors, which take even longer to remedy. You must incorporate your applications to exchange appropriate data. There are standards like Web Solutions, cloud IFTTT applications (” If This Then That”), and even RPA (” Robotic Process Automation”) that make these combinations much more manageable.

For example, your website design team develops a type for clients to enter their data and be gotten in touch with. This kind sends an email with that data. A sales representative reads it and retypes it in a business opportunity tracking system (or a CRM). In addition to being time-consuming, retyping is also highly error-prone. Even you can lose consumer contacts. Invoking the BPM Suite Web Service directly from the webform could automate your business processes, saving time, money, and errors for your entire industry group.

Prepared to utilize: See how the general public Forms enables visitors to start procedures and how Zapier lets you integrate your workflows with any other web app.

Hint 8: Be efficient anywhere you are.

Your performance also increases when you take advantage of idle times and make them beneficial. Your mobile device allows you to deal with process circumstances, resulting in more tasks completed that day, thus increasing performance when you are commuting, in an Uber, a taxi, or in the boarding lounge for your airplane.

Example: You have lots of applications to authorize. None of them takes a very long time and is not very intricate; however, there are numerous. The 30 ′ of a commute is a perfect space to complete them from your cellphone.

All set to begin enhancing your productivity through workflow automation?

In sum …

SaaS BPM and SaaS Workflow suites have had explosive development recently, as they considerably help with access to these technologies. They decrease time and intricacy to the minimum level for service procedures automation. Subscription-based rates models get rid of up-front payments, making it much easier to check the tools.

We suggest making use of these features and testing the items for free. In a period of 2 weeks, you will have the ability to assess whether it fulfills your company’s needs.

If you choose, just schedule a thirty-minute session here and see how to model your company procedures in a real SaaS BPM Suite.

In conclusion …

We ensure that you will find Flokzu a much better option than AuraPortal for your procedures. The balance between performance and ease of use is optimal, which allows you to show results much quicker, include sponsors, and accelerate the digital improvement of your procedures. Anyway, the best way to evaluate a BPM Suite is to use it and see how well it fits your needs. To make your decision, we encourage you to try both BPM Suites.

Kissflow Flokzu.

  • Permits Process Experts to design and deploy procedures without IT understanding. Restricted ✓.
  • Predictable and transparent public rates design. No ✓.
  • Easy adoption (inexpensive rate, create an account quickly, establish a procedure in minutes, welcome additional users). No ✓.
  • Process exposure and understandability. Flokzu is modeling using BPMN 2.0 basic (Organization Process Management Notation).
  • Process Variations and Sandbox for procedure managing, testing, and agile implementation. No ✓.

Entire File Management System, consisting of field types, advanced searches using information and metadata, and full-text search on accessories. Optional with cost ✓.

Advanced scripting engine, complex recognitions, and habits interface personalization.

External participants support, allowing non-authenticated users to begin procedure instances (public kind). Let them take part in the middle of the process execution. Restricted.