How much does website development cost? The ins and outs of web studios

Phases of site development and cost

Many studios divide the creation of a site into two stages: establishing and collecting the required details.

Collection of info

Studios evaluate competitors, study components to increase conversion, prepare the site structure and prepare a model. They also write a technical job – it shows the scope of work and works as a step-by-step plan at the advancement phase. As a rule, the job supervisor and the designer are engaged in this.

Phase expense in Ukrainian studios for example:

  • Business websites– from $350;
  • Online shops – $500-800;
  • Websites and web applications – from $1000.

Some studios and freelancers skip this phase to tempt clients with a low price tag. As a result, quality suffers.


They produce desktop and adaptive design, comprise, program, test, fill the site with material, transfer to hosting. 5-to 7 individuals do this.

Stage cost in Ukrainian studios:

  • Corporate websites– $2000-3500;
  • Online stores – $3000-4500;
  • Websites and web applications – from $10,000.

The variety of items in the future online shop does not impact the rate. It doesn’t matter how many positions are planned on the site – 40 or 2000 – if the customer will include them.

How the cost is formed

Studio employees are paid by the hour, so the expense of developing a site depends on how much time you need to spend on work.

The more complex the project, the more time it will take to implement it and the more costly it will cost:

  • Business site– 100-200 hours;
  • Webshop– 250-600 hours
  • Website– from 600 hours.

One hour of an expert’s work costs $19 (in some studios, it’s more expensive – up to $30 – ed. note). This consists of salaries and administrative expenses – office lease and upkeep, taxes, marketing spending plan.

What impacts the complexity of advancement:

  • What engine or structure will be developed on (chosen based on the tasks);.
  • Distinct style and material.
  • The need to set up extra modules.

Price estimation on the example of an online shop.

An online shop with an entire set of functions costs $3,000. For this case, the consumer will receive a website with an editor for categories and items, filters, a shopping cart, and a user’s account, where the order history shows up.

The performance can be extended with extra modules.

  • Promos and discount rates on goods.
  • Sales tracking services.
  • Warehouse accounting programs like 1C.
  • Comprehensive item filters.
  • Payment systems.
  • Delivery services.
  • Systems that evaluate the preferences of registered users.

Installing each add-on is a plus to the last price.

Why freelancers are more affordable.

When a customer orders a site from a freelancer, he pays for the work of a single person when in a studio – for the creation of a whole team.

In the first case, it is more affordable, but there are dangers.

A freelancer can miss deadlines or vanish all together.

One entrepreneur wanted us to maintain his site. In addition, he did not have access to the domain and hosting, and the developer had not returned calls for a very long time.

As a result, we waited and created a brand-new site until the domain registration ended to repurchase it.

Poor quality code and design.

The studio works with certified individuals for each phase of work. A freelancer needs to do whatever himself. You can’t be an excellent designer, layout designer, developer, and copywriter at the very same time. The quality of work suffers.

Business staff members frequently enhance their skills: they study at courses and participate in conferences. Lone specialists merely do not have sufficient time for this.

The cost of advancement in foreign studios.

The price of the job depends upon the expenses of the web studio – lease and maintenance of the workplace, taxes, wages, and other things. Some places have lower figures than in Ukraine and CIS nations.

In the Canadian market, advancement costs more.

  • Corporate sites– from $5000;.
  • Online stores– from $8000;.
  • Websites and web applications – from $25,000.

At the same time, the level of work is lower than that of the leading Ukrainian studios.

Is it more successful for Ukrainian studios to work with foreign businesses?

In Canada, the mentality of doing service is such that the physical existence of the professional in the country is essential for business. Personal connections likewise play an important function.

To determine its cost, a studio should have an identifiable brand, a portfolio for regional companies, and recommendations.

These are challenges for many Ukrainian agencies that want to work remotely with the Canadian market.