3 Favorite Marketing Myths That Are Losing Customers

You have been writing excellent posts for several months, shooting explosive videos, creating effective infographics. Still, only your mother and friends read your blog site?

An avalanche of potential consumers has not covered you yet. The advancement of an individual brand name did not help in any way. Perhaps all this content marketing is bullshit? Into his furnace?

Stop! Stop panic! You may have been confused by one of my preferred material marketing misconceptions somewhere. You believed in him and turned the wrong way. Now you need to stroll longer. It’s better than giving up entirely.

Let’s debunk these myths at last, and at the same time, think about how to direct your efforts in the right direction. :

1. Content marketing is easy, so anybody can do it

In the beginning look, everything seems to be precisely that. Think of publishing a blog post or a note on social media networks. However, the point is not the number of letters and what combination you publish. Their main job is to captivate readers. At least turn them into customers, and even better – into purchasers. The words were placed unconvincingly. They didn’t say/display in the video – that’s all, the material did not deal with the job.

And this task is responsible and extremely important. After all, the practicality of your company depends on the number of people who buy your product. When content stops working, you lose money.

For many companies, content development is among the most challenging and expensive parts of promo. To start this “engine,” you need to work hard. Putting out a few posts and some notes on a social network, uploading a few videos to your YouTube channel, and then assuming that the flow of potential customers is established, is pointless. You will not be able to observe your work right away. It will take from 6 months to a year to draw the audience’s attention.

So the fact is that content marketing is challenging. It needs effort financial investment and does not give instantaneous outcomes. For that reason, it is ideal to right away supply in the budget for promo the quantity specifically for creating material. At the same time, it is better not to save on it and entrust its production to experts.

Otherwise, you will not just have to redo it (and again spend for it) but also invest far more time. However, when you start this “device” and look after its regular refueling, it will gradually pick up speed and bring you excellent earnings.

Why not all content works and what to do about it

You can’t simply take and compose a mind-blowing post the very first time. The audience does not yet know what kind of “fruit” you are. Yes, and you only assume what readers desire. So far, your relationship resembles the motion of two individuals towards each other but in an entirely dark space.

Begotten ready for the fact that you will not immediately produce something that readers will like. With each new publication, the light in the space will increase. You will learn more about the audience much better. They will know more about you better.

Content marketing is not a one-sided game. You do not develop content for the sake of material. With it, you build warm relationships with possible clients. That’s why it’s not so easy to do everything.

And one minute. If you create content yourself: compose texts, shoot and modify videos, record podcasts, draw pictures, it is essential to meet several conditions. Find out all this, continuously practice and develop, understand your objective, and have the ability to inspire yourself, no matter what takes place.

1 Solution

Start by developing a material technique. How to do this rapidly and efficiently, I composed here. Then follow the strategy. Evaluate each brand-new step:

  • what material is available in much better,
  • the regularly shown pals,
  • more likes and comments.

Keep in mind the audience’s desires and adjust the strategy according to them. Try to offer readers what they anticipate.

For homemade masters, there is likewise a simple solution. Imagine a circumstance. You invested a day on another super-duper infographic. After a sleep-deprived night, you suddenly understood that an experienced designer would have coped with this job in 2 hours. Perhaps, after all, you shouldn’t grab onto everything at the same time? If you’re proficient at copywriting but don’t understand a damn thing about style, why force yourself? Do what you delight in, and outsource essential but not interesting jobs to you.

By the way, this is what part of the group that works on content appears like:

2. Material drives traffic quickly

It deserves to release a fresh post, as a crowd of individuals will immediately read it. Yep, precisely! This can just occur in 2 cases:

  1. Your blog site is notoriously promoted and has a lot of readers who follow brand-new posts carefully;
  2. You actively promote your posts.

On the other hand, Novices work for many months before they see that their “brainchild” draws in traffic. Often it takes years to see the very first results.

It took about six months for our Understanding Lab to begin attracting traffic. Whatever begins little — First 100 checkouts each month, 200 visits per month, and so on. The number of readers is gradually growing. Now the results of this work appear like this:

! The blog should be more than a couple of posts. Ideally, release at routine periods. We do this once a day. However, even this method will take some time. Content marketing is not a fast thing. This is a game for the future, so it can drag on.

Why content need some time.

While the audience does not know you well, it treats you with care. You will have to show that you deserve attention. To some extent, this is similar to one life circumstance. Imagine that you are courting a girl that you like. You wish to build a relationship; however, up until now, she has not shown any interest. How will you do it? Do whatever to please her — agreeing to go on a date in your first minor victory.

The same with the audience. You ought not to expect that a couple of old posts will interest fastidious readers. Indulge them with diverse and brilliant material, be more noticeable, encourage people to act – like, comment, and repost. That’s when you start to discover that the number of views starts to increase, you make a growing number of “hearts,” the audience begins to fall in love. See how skillfully you can call to leave alike:

2 Solution

It’s essential – to produce fantastic material that your audience needs and release it regularly. Take your time, choose a speed that is comfortable for you. And help readers establish the habit you desire. For instance, people read your post over their early morning coffee on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Share this concept with individuals welcomes them to virtual gatherings.

Promote your content. Make it noticeable wherever your audience appears. In your neighborhoods in social networks, in popular publications, in e-mail newsletters. Assist content to be in the best location at the right time.

The number of visitors to the website will increase much faster if you find out how to appropriately promote it. Do not simply count on organic search. Until you assist him, do not anticipate popularity to increase. Slowly, readers will remember some association with your brand name. This is currently a commitment, which brings you closer to the sale.

3. To develop excellent content, you need to listen to your instinct.

Material marketing is not simply writing texts. This is the capability to develop something that will draw in the audience and make them do what you require. Furthermore, aerobatics is when you bring an individual to action so “warm” that the offer to push the button seems necessary to him.

How to do it? Speak about the reader, his discomforts, desires, dreams, aspirations. Speak the way he requires right now: teach, inform, entertain. At the same time, fabulous material is not just valuable details for readers. It should have the ideal keywords. It ends up that the content supplies crucial information to both readers and online search engines since it is much easier for them to find it.

Why instinct is inadequate

If you begin relying only on your sixth sense and do not evaluate keywords before putting together a material technique, you will lose twice:

Don’t figure out what readers desire;

You will not know what phrases online search engines will utilize to offer your content to the audience.

It ends up that what individuals are not searching for, and, appropriately, search engines do not provide, no one needs. There can be no concern of any circulation of potential consumers if your material is not checked out.

3 Solution:

Do pass-by styles from the lantern. It’s better to take an hour to work out the critical user requests, make a list of the most relevant ones, sketch out material ideas, and then just implement what was prepared. So you will give the audience helpful short articles, cool videos, excellent audio podcasts. Enhance everything with an influential e-mail newsletter, cases, e-books – whatever is developed as soon as, however, works for you for a long time.

Yes, you will do a substantial layer of work, but at the same time, it will be obvious. Because it has the ideal words, browse engines will suggest your content.

If the content is being browsed, then someone requires it. The more such individuals, the much better. Provide what they want, help them learn something brand-new about your topic. In time, you will be perceived as a professional. Your brand name will stick in your memory. And when an individual understands that he requires a product that you use, he will understand precisely who to contact. To you!


Misconceptions prevent us from seeing things as they are. If, until today, you thought that content is essential, quick, and without issues, then you still have not had time to value all its power. There is no objective in the online promotion that skilled content marketing can not assist attain. It’s like a Jedi business owner’s lightsaber! Utilize it carefully.