TikTok for business: reliable tool or worthless toy.

TikTok enjoys extraordinary popularity among Generation Z: a young audience spends between thirty minutes and several hours every day. Some believe that this site is not severe. In contrast, others consider it a sales capacity and a high-value marketing tool.

Let us try to find out together.

How the TikTok feed works

Many social networks go a long way from sequentially outputting posts to their algorithms to show users what is published. TikTok has gone straight to recommended material. What are its features:

Individualized ribbon. You will be shown the videos that best match your interests.

Dynamic output. The search results page depends on your habits, the time you invest in the app, and the type of content you see.

Variety of results. Regardless of your interests, you’ll be shown videos from other topics that you might be interested in from time to time.

Observations from subjective viewpoints. TikTok is captivating, and even though it may be challenging to invest even 15 minutes there at first, it will really “pull you in” quickly: you will be shown more exciting and relevant videos – it will be hard to get away from it.

Suppose you are thinking of opening a channel. In that case, we recommend that you examine the site carefully and pay attention to the following things: How brands and bloggers advertise, what material they produce, and what categories they are in.

Functions and tasks

The platform produces fascinating videos as its main goal. There are many possibilities, below are just a few:

Effects ​increased truth

  • Mixing
  • AR masks
  • Duets
  • Answers

In order to make your content look relevant, it is essential to understand which formats are most in-demand on the website. Many people create videos by touching them, and they do not know if they will get a reasonable number of interactions. What you should consider:

  • Comedy videos. They are among the most eye-catching and viral genres. Vines, jokes, and jokes from life make the audience smile, re-post, forward to their friends, and so on. As a rule, whole aggregator channels are created with interesting TikTok videos on other sites. Indeed you have seen such pages on Instagram, Telegram, and other places.
  • Vlogs. As it turns out, the reality is interesting for a relatively broad audience. Simple lifestyle, sincere conversations, the everyday life of the group, behind the scenes of brands – all this “humanizes” the business makes it more attractive to the target audience, especially young people between 18 and 25 years.
  • Sport, charm, and skill. A dance studio can promote TikTok through its sneakers and a fitness club through fitness instructors. Self-promotion brings subscribers: Exercise sets, skillful singing numbers, dance series, setting up hyperlapses, making glowing makeup, or styling… In each niche, you can discover the ideal material: product development procedures, crash tests, before and after, and much more.
  • Fashion. Reviews of new items, runway programs, advice on choosing and combining things, patterns, and “fashion yes/no” – attracts countless looks.

Videos with cats. Anything related to pets comes “with a bang” in the public eye, which is no secret to anyone. So if you have an adorable cat in your office, you can start a channel for them.

Lips. A popular genre: turn on a song and pretend to sing. Oddly enough, this recipe works – such channels get a lot of views, likes, subscribers, and comments.

Hashtag challenge

UGC (user-created content) is content developed by the company’s audience. Using your videos, you can encourage the audience to produce their videos, leave comments, take pictures, and so on. Go to the LEGO website and evaluate the user-generated material published there.

A hashtag challenge is a popular way to use hashtags for advertising a product or service. The algorithm is quite simple: the brand name provides a creative idea for the video. It triggers a “wave” among consumers. A good example is the Sberbank challenge.

Sberbank’s TikTok account was launched in March 2015 to grow the active audience aged 14 to 25. The ultimate goal is to increase the percentage of youth card openings and transactions in electronic banking.

As part of the challenge, 20 bloggers [on youth cards] and eight bloggers [under the Transfer to Sberbank program] were included. They brought in 3.5 and 1.9 million views, respectively.

The website has marketing tools, and in addition to natural video optimization, you can also set up targeted marketing. There is a dedicated workspace for this. In order to use it, however, you must become a TikTok partner and sign a company agreement. This is the only way in which marketing agencies can work with you.

Those working with the Facebook Marketing account will quickly get used to TikTok, as it looks like a stripped-down version of it. Do not be confused by the strange localization in Russian: “Discussion” and “Last” are just good old “Conversions” and “Traffic.”

How a TikTok representative cabinet can be helpful:

  • Working with marketers and getting insight into their basic stats;
  • Developing marketing campaigns (at the marketer level);.
  • Distribution of the advertising budget.
  • Assignment of roles (to see, edit).

In total, there are three goals for the marketer in TikTok.

  1. Traffic.
  2. Conversions.
  3. Application setup.

Creation of ads on TikTok.

Setting up ads on TikTok is incredibly easy and, as mentioned earlier, is similar in many ways to the work of Ads Manager on Facebook. Let us share a few tips on how to get the best result when setting up ads.

  • Be creative!
  • Master the native format and vertical video.
  • Observe and analyze what your target audience likes the most.
  • Do not forget about copyright! Do not put music from famous artists in the background of the video – your video will not pass the pre-moderation.
  • A video that has already been hosted can easily have its music customized by going to the “Library” subsection of the Smart Video Soundtrack settings. One of the benefits of TikTok is an extensive library of certified audio!
  • Set the daily budget for your ads wisely: look at how many conversions cost, and set a budget for ads that matches your expectations for the number of conversions.
  • Thoroughly specify the tags and classification of your items.
  • Play with the “Automatic creative optimization” setting, and TikTok will start combining your videos to find the best combinations.
  • Do not limit your audience too much – you will lose in the optimization process.
  • Test different alternatives, divided by age, interests, and so on.
  • Suppose you do not specify the language in the corresponding column. In that case, your ad will be seen by a more significant number of users, for example, English-speaking users.

Overall, the interface of TikTok is intuitive, with many famous and helpful features. The usage is executed in a high-quality manner. To name a few things you can discover here.

  • A library with an event supervisor can quickly and conveniently set up your occasions, applications, and pixels.
  • You also have access to a wide range of editing options.
  • Target groups are based on interactions with advertisements, websites, and applications. Here you can also configure look-alike.
  • Reports are available for creation and download.

The technical requirements for hosted videos are as follows.

  • The file size limit for iOS is 250 MB, Android is 75 MB.
  • Codec – H. 264.
  • Aspect ratio – 9:16.
  • Size – 1080×1920 pixels.
  • Formats – mov, mp4.

Is TikTok helpful for the organization?

In TikTok, there are many tutorials and hints about tools, settings, and performances. There are already entire websites dedicated to tutorials and life hacks for Russian-speaking users. This only proves the attractiveness of the service, which is growing many times faster than even Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok has all the prerequisites to function as a full-fledged channel to promote the network and increase sales. In particular, as a platform for innovative, non-aggressive marketing, whose developers are not afraid to look for brand new ways to interact with the audience.