Why does a company need a chatbot, and how much does it cost to establish it?

(CruiseBe startup experience)

Alexey and Marina Shumaev developed a service for planning free time during CruiseBe cruises. “Initially, it was just a website with details about cities and ports – when the ship has to do with 8 hours. People need to know what to see there,” the couple states.

The service reveals maps of ships, and it has a mobile application for iOS and a chatbot on Facebook. The business owners spoke in more detail about the latter in an interview for our blog site: how the idea of producing a chatbot came about, which businesses require it in the first place, and just how much it costs to develop it.

How the CruiseBe chatbot was produced?

” We actively follow the patterns in the IT industry. In 2015, eventually, everybody abruptly began talking about chatbots. It ended up being intriguing whether we might improve our item with it. They introduced it in August 2017, having made it in a month,” the Shumaevs state.

The very first variation had only one function– a cruise aggregator: “A person went to the CruiseBe page, pressed the “Send out Message” button, the robotic greeted him, asked him to show the cruise and date, and in response gave a link to the produced route.”

Our bot is composed on the Facebook platform, and it is the most popular one. There is also WhatsApp, Telegram, and Twitter.

Because of the 2nd variation, the CruiseBe chatbot has found out to reveal info about ports and ships, a mini-game “Take a look at the photo – guess the ship, island or port” and the test. “Which cruise is right for you” appeared.

The third variation obtained artificial intelligence: “The chatbot began to understand what a person was writing to him. Suppose earlier, to go to the next stage, and you had to select cards or press buttons, then with the advent of intelligence. In that case, it appears like correspondence between 2 individuals.”

” There was an individual who actively communicated with the bot for about 10 minutes and only then asked if he was a robot or not. At the same time, they discussed music, books, movies, and the bot talked about their preferred works, “Marina shares.

When creating a chatbot, human attributes are offered: name, preferred sport, and other interests: “Ours can interact on 41,000 subjects.”

Every organization requires a chatbot.

CruiseBe’s online assistant is used by simply a few people a day: “The typical age of our customers is over 50 years old, and not everybody comprehends what to do with it. Now in the travel niche, no bot would be introduced by more than a thousand individuals in a day.”

Aleksey says chatbots are primarily an assistant and not another source of traffic: “A bot can replace a small call center and offer round-the-clock support-responding to customers even in the middle of the night. In the travel industry, a bot can accomplish precisely this.”

“If the robotic could not address, it will take the contact of the individual, and in the early morning, you will contact him yourself. It’s better than a prospective customer simply leaving the site, “the business owner makes sure.

Chatbot conserves organization time and resources.

Marina advises to make a list of frequently asked questions and teach the bot to answer them: “An individual needs time to give a response; however, the robot gives out information immediately.”

” For instance, in our case, if the user asked to speak about some port, it took about five minutes to browse, and the algorithm does it in a second,” Alexey adds.

” I often hear: “I’m unsure if my company requires a bot.” Twenty years ago, they spoke about sites, and five years ago, they discussed pages on social media. Have a spending plan? Make sure to do it! In addition, a chatbot with essential functions is quite economical, “states the creator of CruiseBe.

” Our bot was one of the first in the cruise market. Many American publications blogged about us, including the Washington Post. We got a type of free PR, “recalls Marina.

Just how much does it cost to establish a virtual assistant?

Creating an entry-level AI chatbot is roughly 50 hours of programmer work. The final cost depends on which developer you find – $5 per hour or $50.

“However, most of the work falls on the shoulders of the online marketer or company owner. It is necessary to form the reasoning of the discussion: make a list of concerns that, in theory, the customer can ask and prescribe answers, “states Marina.

A bot with essential artificial intelligence can joke and talk about other topics. But if you want him to address concerns connected to your company, you must provide him with these details.

” Too intelligent bot is also an issue. It took place that an individual asked a question and went someplace – he did not answer for a long period. And when he returned, the robotic started to state, “You do not need to know this.” Offended, most likely, “Alexey chuckles.

After the introduction of the bot, you require to examine and optimize its responses: “Often I get the sensation that I’m reading somebody else’s correspondence.”

There are likewise manufacturers for developing chatbots (here is a link to the most popular ones): “It’s like Wix or Tilda for developing sites – you can make a bot even without programming abilities. The rate is free or from $15 monthly.

“If you need a simple bot that will inform customers the opening hours of the shop, the phone number of support or book a restaurant, the constructor’s capabilities will certainly be enough. Otherwise, prepare yourself to write the algorithm from scratch,” discusses Shumaev.